Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remembering your caregivers

You know, it is easy for us to forget about all of those that are taking care of us.  We are often times caught up in our own emotions pain and dealing with going to doctors appointments and all that encompasses being sick. However there are people around us were supporting us and helping to take care of us. I feel that it is important to acknowledge and remember them as they are often times taking on extra rolls besides what they already have to do and responsibilities that they already have in the home.

In my family it is been that way. My husband Mario has basically taken on the role of caring for our 6 children, getting them back-and-forth to school getting himself back and forth to work every day, driving kids to afterschool activities and on and on and on.  He has had to take on the role of driving as I cannot drive due to my seizure disorder. He has taken on the role of paying the bills in the household. I am very limited in what I can do physically. So even housecleaning chores have fallen into his lap.
Mario has attended parent-teacher conferences and any other school events that have come up with the children. He has been overworked and he's very tired.

 Often times when there is a sick person involved all of the attention focuses on that person and not the caregivers around us. I would like to acknowledge him along with my mom and dad and my sister Kelly  and her husband Tony and my best friend Sharon, along with a
host of friends and family that have shown their support whether by driving me somewhere, picking up prescriptions or even just coming by visiting or having meals delivered here to the home.

I cannot totally speak for the caregiver as I am not in that role but I think that it must be really hard for them at times as they are not often getting the support that they need in many ways. My suggestion to caregivers would be to make sure that you are reaching out for help. That you do have an outlet for your frustrations and maybe a group of other Individuals in your same situation that you can talk to.

So again, to my husband Mario and all of my family and friends I thank you for your caregiving ways, support, love and constant attention!


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